Hi everyone. It's Hiei Enriquez aka O.R.B.

I recently killed off most of the avenues of social media in attempt of a simpler life.

I am tired of posting to 3 or 4 different things in order to blow on the embers hoping it will catch fire one day.

I had found myself burned out with little to show. I had found myself jaded over alot of the things people were posting in their idle time. This place is one of the only places I have decided to stay on. If you are digging the music I encourage you to check back here often.

Every Monday I am releasing new tracks and at the end of every month I am dropping an ep. If you are looking for music videos for my music I have music videos on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnOfoRl758rLp5URdPmk56Q?view_as=subscriber.

If you are looking to connect and talk on a personal level I am here and at OLIREYBEN.BANDCAMP.COM

Thats for reading this. If you are looking for some new music by me it is here. If you are wondering what to listen to I suggest Clap Your Damn Self and Post and Dip off of the Wrong Place Ep. Matter fact that whole EP slaps.

Your are my fans and I love you. Thanks for supporting me.

Here is a code to get 40% off of anything on my olireyben.band camp.com: ORBCOVIDDISCOUNT

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