My Advice On Being A Comic

Do you like telling jokes? Do you think you are funny? You might be.

I advise you to hit several open mics and see how the crowd responds. Below is my cheat sheet that I have developed after doing 7 long weeks of comedy (lol). I'm a beginner too.

1. Shorten your jokes: Get to the punchline faster. Don't make a joke longer than it should be. Don't lengthen a joke unless your riffing. Riffing is a form of adding tiny tidbits to your joke to increase laughter.

2. Don't expect your crowd to know about every subject you talk about:

Make sure you give adequate information about a subject if you think the crowd doesn't know about it. If explaining it will make the joke too long, shorten the explanation or tell the joke to a crowd that doesn't need the explanation.

3. Let the laugh breath:

If the crowd is laughing at your joke then let them laugh. Don't kill a crowd laugh prematurely.

4.Get in front of non comedians: The people who are non comedians laugh the most. It's hard to get other comedians to laugh. If other comedians rarely laugh at you don't let it discourage you.

That's it for now.

Go tell jokes!

TTUL. ------- Hiei Enriquez

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