"KaKa Maraca"

On May 25,2019 OliReyBen will be releasing "KAKA MARACA" it makes a major mile stone in the indie career of O.R.B. This project will focus on a west coast sound called Hyphy. Hyphy is a Bay area sound that became very popular during 2006. It will be an attempt to plant Hyphy seeds in the central Oklahoma Area. O.R.B will be moving forward with his #bay2ok #hyphy2ndwave mission. The mission is to provide a substitute to the hiphop market that has been over satuarated with Trap Music. It will also mark the 3rd Ep of this year for O.R.B. O.R.B has made a mission of creating new content to be released every 3 months and he is making good on it. We at Odd Hypotheses hope you give "Kaka Maraca" a listen.

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