//  Origin: Tulsa, OK
//  Genres: Rap/Alternative/Pop
//  Years Active:  2009- Present
//  Website: https://www.oddhypotheses.biz/odd-hi-artist-sadaf-the-pharaoh
Short Bio


Sadaf  The Pharaoh is originally from Mexico City but has  lived in the small town of Bartlesville,OK since The age of five.


He was a shy kid in school and expressed himself through his drawings. In his freshman year of high school, he bumped music that he connected with.


While listening to the music, he would write down the lyrics.


He would then memorize those lyrics and rap them to himself.


He related to a song by a Mexican rapper that discussed what it was like to be treated like an outsider because of the color of his skin.


He was treated like an outsider when he visited Mexico because he grew up in the United States. This often made him feel like he didn’t belong.


This is what inspired him to start rapping in 2009 because rap bridged the gap and allowed him to connect.


His vocals are influenced by Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn. Unsurprisingly, Korn is his favorite band.


He has stated that Korn is the only band that he could listen to over and over and never get tired of.


Sadaf played Tony hawk growing up. He preferred “Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland” because the soundtracks made him fall in love with the punk and grunge sounds.


When he first heard Lil Peep, he realized that this is what he envisioned for his music. His arrangements (beats) were just what he was looking for before he started playing instruments of his own. He also cites Little Juicewlrd, Swae Lee and Post Malone for the melodic pop aspect.


Sadaf has said that, “he wants to be a role model.


He doesn’t drink, smoke or anything.


He feeds off the thrill of rapping on stage and pouring his heart into his craft.


He wants to be a positive influence for the younger generations and be the face of his people(latinos) in a time where many are viewed as criminals.”


INSTAGRAM: pharaoh_sadaf

WEBSITE: odd hypotheses.biz

Email: mgmt.pharaohsadaf@gmail.com

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