//  Origin: Northern California
//  Genres: Rap/Punk/Techno
//  Years Active:  2015- Present
//  Website: oddhypotheses.biz
// On Spotify,Itunes,GooglePlay
Short Bio

Oli Rey Ben, a.k.a. OLIVER RE'YND BENJI AKA ORB (Hiei Enriquez) claims outer space as his home habitat.


 That may be. He's a self-taught musician on drums, keyboards, guitar, DJ and a producer, as well as a photographer, video director/producer and a master of promotion. You'd almost have to be an alien to keep up with his hustle. 


"I've had to learn difficult things myself and have become more self-reliant," ORB said. "I tend to understate my abilities and over-deliver with my results. ... I try to best myself, to push myself to the next step.


"The self-proclaimed "People's Champ," ORB wears his prize belt everywhere. 


He said it's on 24 hours a day with the stipulation that he's always ready for a challenge to the title ”even rock, paper, scissors." While he's playful about the name, it actually has deep meaning for the artist and his message.


"I'm the voice for the voiceless," ORB said. "I use my platform to make people see what's going on and help people not be ignorant. I want to expand people's minds and worldviews to promote equality and to be positive."


"You know, my kids are biracial," he said. "I want them to live a life of true equality, no matter their sexual identity or race or any of that."


A musician made whole with his message, ORB claims that his musical influence is simply freedom. 

"I'm influenced by seeing people structuring and living their lives as they want," he said. 

ORB said by carrying that with his character, his enthusiasm and authenticity will help people buy into his brand. 


INSTAGRAM: @olireyben 

WEBSITE: hieienriquez.biz

Email: oddhpvisuals@gmail.com